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I must not doubt now
I am currently experiencing an period of profound insight into myself
For me this is not a rare occurrence, and I actually find it quite annoying when it happens

So I am trying to write it down instead of keeping it internal

one of the most important realizations for me is that I am different from myself
what I am trying to say is that that there are a lot of different parts of me, some similar, some not
I am a different person around different people
especially in periods like these I find that there are many "levels" of what I am thinking
my behavior are different from my thoughts are different from my ideas
all are separate, and I don't know how connected they are and if there are maybe sublevels
sometimes I think yes, other times I think no on this

this results in forming ideas in a flash,and having to speak them to myself to formulate them, often having to restart this process as I keep having the same idea
this could be an internal monologue, dialogue, discussion, cacophony or I don't know what
I often find myself repeating the same idea as if it were new, so I don't know if I missed anything now

I have tried to make this post more sensible, but thinking back on writing it, the chaos of it may convey what I am trying to communicate better

for those who are interested, thank you for being so, for those who are not, sorry for wasting your time

(PS. this is not intended as a call for help or something ego-centric, but an attempt to really express myself for a change)


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